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Simple & Efficient By Design

Easily incorporate into your system replacing outdated trellis methods: no more snagging buds and cutting netting from your plants.

Reduce Overhead & Waste

Built to last a lifetime. Stainless steel cables and anodized aluminum rigid supports give our scrog the durability to handle everyday abuse.

Any Size Grow Operation

We custom-build for you, whether scrogging a closet in your home or a multi-level commercial warehouse operation we have a solution.


Trellising Technology

Drawing from our cannabis cultivation experience we developed a solution to a re-occurring problem for cultivators. Our patent-pending groundbreaking scrog technology is guaranteed to save you or your company precious time and money.

Easy-Scrog Benefits

The greatest ROI you get when installing our trellising system is –


Less Labor

Simply pull the retractable stainless-steel cables and connect them to the frame.


Gives you a six-by-six grid set at the perfect height to support your plants’ growth.

Fast & Easy

Done-for-you with only having to easily secure your scrog system in place.

Quality Harvest

Reducing direct contact with plants protects the fragile trichomes and minimizes the potential for leaving fragments of synthetic netting, body fluids, or other debris.

Safety First

By eliminating the need for hazardous razors and cutting devices we reduce the potential of injury to near zero and reduce contamination of your crops.

Lower Cost

Non-corrosive material provides superior moisture protection and eliminates the need to replace it after every harvest.


The trellis system you never knew you needed!

Verticle Rack Scrog


Cables centered at six-inch intervals give you the perfect support grid for heavy plants.


Anodized aluminum frame ensures your system will take any abuse throughout the seasons.


Non-corrosive components ensure protection against rust and corrosion.


Larger plants require greater support and our scrog is capable of having several levels to meet your needs.


From two feet to two hundred we can custom build your system at any length to accommodate row lengths.

Fits Any Grow

Widths are available from two to eight feet giving you the ability to cover any size grow.

Optimized For Action And Stability

Freestanding, hanging or on caster, our system is self-supporting to ensure it works seamlessly with your operation


Our Story

“I would steal my dad’s weed at age 13″…

I’ve been involved with cannabis since discovering my dad’s plants in an old lean-to-shed in South Louisiana.

Actually, “discovered” may be a little misleading. I knew my dad spent a lot of time in that little shed, and I knew he and his buddies smoked a lot of weed, it wasn’t hidden very well, and after all, they grew up in the sixties… READ MORE

Changing the game

People Love


Easy-Scrog System

Green Tree Scrog turned our harvest time into the best part of growing a crop. No more fighting with a net or damaging buds. Literally the easiest part of our process!

Albert James

Happy Hemp Farm


With only a few minutes to set up and no need to ever take it down our Easy-Scrog System will save you hundreds of hours of labor and thousands of dollars. Watch our demonstration to learn how Easy-Scrog will change the way you grow.

Commercial Production?

We will custom-build your desired SCROG to meet your needs. Give us your row lengths and width and we will do the rest!

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