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A Curious Beginning

I considered myself a legacy grower, I’ve been involved with cannabis since I first discovered my dad’s plants in an old lean-to shed in South Louisiana.

Actually, “discovered” may be a little misleading. I knew my dad spend a lot of time in that little shed out back, and I knew he and his buddies smoked a lot of weed, it wasn’t hidden very well, and after all, they grew up in the sixties.

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Ultimately, I put two and two together, and sometime in 1985 when I was about 13, my parents left to visit friends for the day.

That’s when I seized the opportunity to do my snooping. I climb on top of the chicken coop, peel back the poorly nailed tin roof, jumped down into that shed, and landed on the long table below.

When I turned around, staring me directly in the face were four octagon metal and glass cases, maybe four feet tall and two feet in diameter. Inside I could see lush green plants surrounded by bright fluorescent lights and mirrors. I don’t recall the brand name, but these had to be the first of their kind for indoor growers. They even had a lazy Susan’s to turn the plants.

Opening those boxes, infused me with curiosity; leading to a lifetime captivated, mystified, and in love with the cannabis plant. Time and again over the years I would break in and check on these plants, taking samples at every opportunity, until that old shed mysteriously burned down, but that’s a story for another day. RIP Dad, I Love you.

I gorilla grew for the next thirty years, any creek, cutover, or sunny spot near me became my garden.

Back up to 2020 and you will find me hemp farming around Purvis, Mississippi with my son. We grew several beautiful crops of indoor and greenhouse flowers, and like 90% of all growers, we used the standard nylon mesh netting to support our plants.

I love growing cannabis but during the second and third harvests I had become annoyed with SCROGing, so I took some time to analyze what I was attempting to accomplish.

I don’t really like netting; it’s time-consuming, it’s sloppy, it’s difficult to remove from the plants, it constantly snags on every node, leaf, and bud, and it is damaging to the plants’ trichomes.

What I wanted was a cleaner process, a touch-free approach, I wanted to protect the flowers, I wanted faster, and I wanted simplicity.

I took a time-consuming and tediously old-school practice and automated it, making the task of harvesting cannabis fast, easy, fun, and more productive!

Out of that reflection came an idea, and from that, I invented Green Tree Scrog™ to solve my problem. I don’t presume this is a problem for everyone, but I believe there is a market for my system.

Our system completely replaces the typical nylon mesh netting used in 90% of cannabis grows and helps better systemize your operation. Harvesting your plants becomes a painless process.

Designed to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance, it never has to be removed and it produces zero waste.