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Green Tree Scrog, Moving Headquarters To Lumberton MS

Lamar County Resident and CEO of Green Tree Scrog LLC, Bobby Mitchell, announces that he has chosen Lumberton, MS as the global headquarters and manufacturing location for an innovative new cannabis grow system.

Green Tree Scrog, LLC designs and manufactures revolutionary new grow systems for the cannabis and agricultural industries. The patent-pending system is designed to enhance a business’s operation by reducing the time and labor required for harvesting and processing cannabis flowers.

The system utilizes a patent-pending retractable cable system to create a grid-like pattern comparable to traditional trellising, however, the Easy-Scrog System eliminates the need for razors, reduces labor costs and it’s twice as fast when harvesting cannabis flowers.

This technology can be utilized on ornamental flowers, vegetables, or anywhere vegetative support is needed.

The timing could not have been better as Mississippi has recently begun accepting applications for Medical Marijuana businesses to open doors in the state, and Bobby says his business is “prepared to assist all cannabis growers across the state.”

“At times like these companies are looking to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency, and we are providing a safe eco-friendly solution; we are confident that our system will ultimately save the consumer money when implemented by cultivars” stated Mitchell.

The Easy-Scrog System is designed to replace the outdated methods of utilizing synthetic netting typically used in cannabis operations. Mr. Mitchell says, “Synthetic netting is a one-time use that must be discarded, and this generates a great deal of waste that ends up polluting the environment and costing growers a great deal of money, our system is a permanent solution that generates zero waste, it is faster, safer and easier to use. “

Green Tree Scrog’s system is gaining attention far and wide, as they have orders already coming in from Mississippi, Michigan, California, and even Australia as the word has gotten out.

Bobby expressed that locating in Lumberton’s Industrial Park allows for expansion, easy access to I-59, and the ability to give back to the local community.

To learn more about this innovative new technology visit

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