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Scrogging is Going Green!

Come See Us at the 2022 Lucky Leaf Expo in Jackson MS

October 7th & 8th

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Recently Mississippi experienced two major milestones, first in 2019 was hemp legalization, and then in 2020 enthusiastically brought in a Medical Marijuana Initiative. During this time, we purchased 13 beautiful acres in South Mississippi. With outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse capabilities we commenced growing hemp for the retail flower market. Throughout our experiences of several successful hemp seasons, we identified a reoccurring snag that was robbing us of our time and energy, and this snag, unfortunately, repeats itself across the cannabis industry time and time again.

We needed a solution, so we created one! They say necessity is the mother of all inventions. To solve our problem, an idea was born, and it rapidly developed into our patent-pending Green Tree Scrog™.

We solved the problems we encountered during our harvest seasons and will do the same for thousands of growers no matter the size!


The Screen of Green method, better known as SCROG, is a technique for optimizing cannabis yields per square foot. The theory behind the SCROG method is to use a screen in manipulating the plant’s branches to grow horizontally, rather than vertically so that more flower nodes are exposed to the light source.

Once the plants have been trained to grow horizontally, they will ideally form a thick upper canopy maximizing light exposure and, therefore maximizing yield. SCROGing has been implemented by indoor cultivators for decades but has exponentially taken off in the past few years as cannabis producers look to increase their gram-per-watt output.

In addition to bigger yields from light exposure, there are many other benefits to SCROGing; it helps foster better airflow around the plant stems; it controls moisture, combating mold and mildew, and it aids in identifying the potential pests.

Growers typically thin or trim the lower canopy which encourages plants to focus on the flower production in the upper canopy, resulting in larger yields and better healthier growth for the plants. At our hemp farm, we perform this method of indoor training for our plants and love the results it provides.


Our Patent Pending Green Tree Scrog™ System improves on this method by addressing the snags associated with installation, maintenance, and removal of the “screens” used every day by thousands of cultivators.

Conventional horizontal plant training systems are usually made from synthetic netting, nylon string, plastic grids or various other materials stretched onto PVC pipe or lumber to create a 6” X 6” grid pattern through which plants will grow in and through. Each configuration seeks the same results, i.e., to maximize light exposure by creating an even-growing canopy and supporting the plant’s weight. In each of the above-mentioned methods therein lies a common problem that Green Tree Scrog™ solves.

From our own cultivation experiences with nylon netting canopies, the installation, maintenance, and hence removal was quite time-consuming, inefficient, messy, frustrating, and most of all a damaging process. It negatively affected the flowers we spent so much effort caring for.

We identified removal of the netting as the single most damaging aspect of harvesting cannabis flowers that should be avoided at all costs, and now it can!

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Green Tree Scrog™ is easy, affordable, unobtrusive, and saves time and money without generating waste. Our device incorporates a ridged framed, self-retracting steel cable and hook system where a singular person may easily and quickly erect, alter, or remove the desired grid. Easily removed from amongst the plants and flowers, in such a way as to protect the flowers, and it does so without requiring excessive time or labor. Additionally, our system eliminates the practice of destroying the grid system. Green Tree Scrog™ is sturdy, virtually maintenance-free, reusable in nature, and is a permanent solution to the task of “netting”, “scrogging”, “trellising” or otherwise training plants to grow horizontally amongst a grid system.

This opportunity will modernize the cannabis industry and quickly spill over into millions of other gardens worldwide. Farmers who’ve tested our device exclaimed gratefulness and gave it a big two-green-thumbs-up!